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For this assignment, I was instructed to create a three-poster ad campaign for a cause of my choice. I chose the issue of litter and pollution. My goal for these images was to create a colorful, vintage-inspired set of images that provided ideas of how to help reduce pollution and avoid littering while being eye-catching and fun. I wanted to use animal heads on the people to remind viewers that pollution effects both humans and animals negatively. 


My target audience is the 18-35 age bracket, which studies show, is the age bracket most likely to litter. To hit this demographic, I used bright and eye-catching colors to pique the viewers' interest. I used imagery and texture that invokes nostalgia for advertising and graphic design of the late 90's/early 2000's.  


For this advertising campaign, I chose to create my posters for the Keep America Beautiful Non-profit, a foundation dedicated to preventing and cleaning litter in communities across the USA. I wanted each poster to represent a different environment, and used those environments' respective animals to paint a vivid picture. 



This poster represents the forest ecosystem, and I used a raccoon to further cement that idea. This composition urges that the viewer picks up trash when they see it on the ground, which makes a big difference in the fight against pollution. I like how the colors turned out on this one!


This poster is very funny! I like the idea of a fish popping out of the water to throw away his trash instead of throwing it in the ocean! It poses the question, "this fish that lives in the ocean can make the effort to not pollute, can you?" This composition took the most tweaks and changes from the ideation stage to the final product, but I am very proud of how it turned out.  


For this poster, I placed the pigeon person in a city environment. I wanted to call attention to a simple act that can have a big impact: Tying up your trash. If trash is put out without being tied up, the waste can easily blow away or be scattered by animals to become pollution. I really like how the overall composition looks on this one, especially the text. 

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